Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association Constitution

Article 1:Name

  • The name of our organisation shall be “The Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association” or be referred to as the “I.N.F.P.A.”

Article 2:Purpose

  • To promote the keeping, breeding and showing of fancy pigeons in Ireland.
  • To promote and encourage fair competition at our main shows.
  • To fulfill these aims in a spirit of fellowship and sportsmanship.
  • To establish a list of qualified judges in Ireland for our main shows, these judges must be persons of the highest reputation.
  • To better acquaint members with the adaptability of pigeon raising.
  • Correct the false impression that domestic pigeons carry communicable diseases and educate the public regarding the pleasure and profits derived from pigeon keeping.
  • To compile, publish and distribute informative literature on our pigeon hobby in Ireland that may assist all members in acquiring practical knowledge that will enable them to raise pigeons successfully.
  • To award I.N.F.P.A. championship certificates at our main shows. When awarding certificates, all rules must be adhered to. (See article 8)

Article 3: Membership

  • Membership of the INFPA shall be open to any person of good character who is interested in the keeping, breeding and showing of fancy pigeons in Ireland.
  • Membership shall run from 1st January to the 31st December of any given year.
  • Owning and breeding fancy pigeons are not a condition of membership.
  • All applications for membership must be sent to the secretary in writing, bear the signature of the applicant and be accompanied by the regular fee. No application shall be accepted or approved unless the fee accompanies the application.
  • Family memberships are available for 2 or more immediate family living at the same address. It is available to such members as husband and wife, father and son etc. A family membership includes only 1 vote.
  • Junior memberships are available for individuals 17 years of age and younger.
  • Irish Pigeon clubs should affiliate to the INFPA. No affiliated clubs will have voting privileges.
  • Each INFPA member shall have one vote.
  • No Memberships can be made on the day of the AGM.  Any Applications must be in and paid in full within 48 hours of the AGM otherwise New Memberships will commence on the day following the AGM and will be for 1 year.
  • The committee of the INFPA reserves the right to refuse membership.

Article 4:Rings

  • The aim is for all pigeons to be readily individually identifiable and thereby quickly traceable. All pigeons should be closed rung with a ring of the correct size. A list of ring sizes for fancy pigeons can be obtained from the secretary – Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association. All rings are recognised by I.N.F.P.A. At present. Rings can be ordered in multiples of 5. Rings issued to members only from January 10th to Aug 31st. Cheques and postal orders to be made payable to the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association. Dues shall be determined by recommendation of a majority of Committee members and subsequently passed by a 2/3 majority. Dues shall remain at the same amount until the above routine is repeated.
  • Rings can only be issued to those who have membership paid in full.

Article 5:Constitution & By-laws

  • Our constitution and by-laws have been put in place to do each and everything that may seem necessary, suitable and proper for the accomplishment, protection and maintenance of any of the purposes herein set forth or which at anytime may appear conducive or expedient for the development of our pigeon hobby and the protection and benefit of the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association and its members.

Article 6:Pigeon Shows and Exhibitions

  • Pigeon exhibitions should remain true to the original concept for their existence – public displays of avian excellence and skills. Sales of birds in competitive classes, where approved by the organising authority, are permitted.
  • The welfare of all exhibits should be at the forefront of all exhibitions/shows. The organisers should make reasonable endeavors to ensure that all birds are cared for throughout the event. Food and water should be available at all shows. Exhibitors are responsible for the health and welfare of their birds. Birds entered in shows must be 100% fit and healthy. Exhibitors by observation should be aware of the normal behavioral patterns of their birds. The overall condition of the birds is very important. The birds should be inspected regularly throughout the show to check for changes in behavior, appearance or condition, which might include sickness. A sick bird should be removed immediately from the show and appropriately quarantined and treated until fully recovered.
  • All exhibits must be displayed in a show cage size of 15 inches by 15 inches. 13 inches by 13 inches are also acceptable but not recommended for large varieties. Pens sized over 15 by 15 are at the discretion of the show organisation. All pens must be disinfected with a dept. of agriculture approved product both before and after use. All floor covering material, waste food and droppings must be disposed of according to dept. of agriculture rules. Official stewards responsible to the show organisers should circulate the Exhibition/show hall, watching out for any action that could have an impact of bird welfare. Their brief extends to overseeing bird security. There must be a central organiser’s stand where the exhibitors or general public may report anything they feel deserves attention. Any reported incidents should be logged by the show manager in case of repercussions. In the interest of security there should be sufficient stewards available to cover all exits at the end of an event.

Article 6A:

  • The Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association highly recommends that all members vaccinate all birds (Stock and Show Exhibits) at least 4 weeks before the show season commences.
  • Any Bird Showing signs of Paramoxy Virus or indeed any other infectious disease will be removed from the show hall immediately along with the rest of that exhibitors show entries. The Show Manger and His / Her show committee will then inspect all other birds before judging is allowed to commence.

Article 7:Meetings

  • The annual meeting of the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association shall be held in conjunction with one of our main shows in Ireland.

Article 8: I.N.F.P.A. Certificate Rules

  • There will be no certificates awarded for small club shows or young bird shows. Only INFPA Young Bird Cert’s can be awarded at the INFPA official Young bird Show.
  • INFPA approved judges can only issue certificates.
  • There has to be at least 3 exhibitors in each class.
  • The Show Committee will determine what classes are being arranged in accordance with the Judging list and breed Club committee members where applicable.
  • All certificates awarded must be carefully evaluated and properly compiled so that each bird is indeed worthy of the award.
  • INFPA Certificates will be issued free to all affiliated clubs and INFPA members.
  • Failure to observe all rules and conditions may lead to the withholding of INFPA certificates at future shows.
  • In the event of a dispute arising over the awarding of INFPA certificates, the decision of the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association will be final and binding.

Article 9: Champion Certificate Rules

  • INFPA Champion Certificates will be issued free to all affiliated clubs and INFPA members.
  • To become a champion, a pigeon must win 3 INFPA certificates under 2 different judges.
  • Any person obtaining the required number of INFPA certificates for the same bird should apply to the INFPA secretary for the appropriate form to claim an INFPA champion certificate for the bird.
  • A bird can only be a champion once, 1 INFPA champion certificate only will be awarded regardless of how many INFPA certificates the bird has won.

Article 10:Bulletins

  • The secretary shall prepare and mail bulletins to the entire membership, thus keeping them informed of all INFPA activities.

Article 11:Secretary/Treasurer

  • The duties of the secretary/treasurer shall be to conduct all correspondence of the association, keep minutes at all meetings and have charge of all books and papers of the organisation. He/she shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of all funds received and paid out and shall submit an annual report of same to the officers and committee. This annual financial report will be available to all members at our A.G.M.

Article 12:

  • Anyone wishing to join the INFPA committee will have to have been a fully paid up member for 3 consecutive years.” Or at the desecration of the current serving committee.
  • Any member showing a serious interest in joining the INFPA committee, that a written proposal would have to be sent to the secretary, 3 weeks prior to the AGM of that given year.
  • The Term of the committee shall run for 3 Consecutive years and only during the AGM can new committee members be elected by a majority vote from the members. If any committee member resigns from his/ her post during the 3 year term the committee have the right to seek a postal vote from INFPA members to elect a replacement if deemed urgent by the serving committee. Or appoint an acting INFPA member until the next AGM.