EE Euro News

EE Euro News

In 2015, France will be happy to welcome the European Poultry Congress and the 28th European Show composed of poultry, pigeons, rabbits, guineapigs and birds. After Paris 1947 and Strasbourg 1979, Metz will welcome the whole poultry fanciers.
The EE is one of the oldest European committees. It regroups more than 3 million members. Dating from 1938, these poultry shows, organized every 2 years, have become the most important in the world of agriculture. In 2015, The EE will leave the organization of these exceptional events in the French National Poultry Association (SCAF)’s care. The SCAF, a state-approved association, will celebrate its 125th anniversary during these events. (1890 – 2015)
The whole French Poultry is put to work and associated with the preparations: the technical bodies: The French Poultry Federation (FFV), The French Rabbits Federation (FFC), The French Pigeons Association (SNC), The French Guineapigs Federation (FAEC), The French Judges Federation (FNJ) and also all the French local and regional Associations. As a result more than 200 people will intervene and work with The Alsace Poultry Clubs, mainspring of these European events.

In 2015 in Metz, there may be more than 40,000 animals – poultry, pigeons, rabbits, giunea-pigs, birds

presented by about 6,000 exhibitors coming from the 28 countries belonging to the EE. Everybody will be able to compete for the title of European Champion, representing the peak of the career of a breeder. Before getting the titles, there are above all the links and brotherhood created between the European breeders.

You are all invited to take part into these exceptional European meetings which guarantee the preservation and the protection of the genetic inheritance of pure breeds of poultry. The work of the European breeders contributes to the preservation of animal biodiversity.




Metz 2015


EE Notes / Updates / Vote Results/EE AGM/Pigeon Section Meeting 2014

Dear Members,


I have enclosed a copy of all minutes from the above meetings and also complied the following notes. Should you have any questions or require any clarifation please email me and I will be more than happy to help.


Thank You.



l Irish Flying Tumbler Breed Standard – Is now ready for classification / Jean Louis is working on the drawing for the standards commission and the standard is currently being translated into French by Christian Binois The French Federation Delegate


l I had further discussions with both Jean Louis and Hans Schipper regarding the delay in receiving any update on the IFT breed standard since we were requested at the 2012 EE meeting to ensure some birds were entered into the Europa Show. As we all standards they require a lot of effort and constant chasing to get them across the line, which I am assured is now achieved



l  There was a letter from Colin Ronald read out and translated by Graham Giddings (UK NPA) regarding the delay in all the British breeds which have still not been approved by the EE breed standards commission.  In this detailed letter the British NPA Committee express concerns over how the Europeans are choosing to change wordings in certain standards to meet European Health & Stock Breeding Laws set in Brussels. As the British (at present) do not have to concern themselves with this laws they feel there wording should be expressed in the breed standards. The main argument of this point of view is that breeds such as wattle and pouters will become banned within main land Europe as breeders are being asked to breed to the extremes. For example on the Dargoon – The draft standard set by Mark Rudd and the UK NPA reads – Wattles (AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE) This advocates health issues as if breeders breed to this wording the stock will soon become blind or at the very least have poor visibility.  The EE would like the UK to review wordings such as this on all the breeds they want approved. A visit from the EE Breeds Standards commission to the NPA in England may be the next step to resolve this as it has started to take up a lot of non allocated time during the EE meetings.  Graham was in agreement that the UK need to review ASAP.


The British must understand that whilst they are going to be the listed country of origin for these breeds, they have been bred for years in Europe and that breed clubs in Europe are working within strict animal welfare guidelines.

l Minutes of last years AGM – We approved with a majority vote.


l If a member country cannot attend the EE meetings / The President has requested that the section not in attendance down loads the section meeting minutes and emails the section manager to give approval or non approval so that they know they have been seen in each country.


l This year there was 23 Nations in attendance with 120 delegates


l Serbia requested that its 3 separate sections unify into one central federation covering (Pigeons / Poultry & Rabbits) All attending delegates voted in favour of this and will be approved in October 2015, giving Serbia enough time to consolidate


l EE Meetings will be held in the following countries


l France 2015 – Mercer Hotel Metz – Also hosting the Europa Show


l Austria 2016


l Hungary 2017


l Denmark 2018 – Denmark will also be hosting the Europa Show in the same year


l New Chairman Election – The EE asked for a motion to be passed that the election of a new Chairman is not to happen in the same year as an Europa Show as the hand over of files and work is far to much – All Countries Voted Yes to this and it was passed


l The Irish Ring Ordering system and contact details of our supplier was updated by me and passed to Mr G Gross as per his request


l Rings – Again it was noted that some Counties still had issues on certain colours and that they still were a little difficult to read. The EE advised that they would relay this information onto Horst again!!. I did mention that perhaps we should review the plastic style and move towards a metal and plastic coated ring as the American NPA have moved to. Not much of a take up on this !!!


l It was agreed that as and from This Year! any birds rung with a ring one size larger than the mm stated in the breed standard would now be accepted at shows. All judges to take note for this years judging. This was not a vote recommendation but a directive from the EE committee


l Diplomas for internal breed European shows will become available and they will be issued to the Governing bodies to give to breed clubs (EE) Standard breeds only can apply. There will be more information about this soon



l A discussion about American NPA rung birds not being accepted at European shows took place. Most countries were in favour of allowing them, however the British delegate expressed his view that England would not accept them as they would be deemed a marked bird as they have a) a different ring b) the owner would be easily recognised by the judge. I expressed my view that as long as the birds and rings were registered to the exhibiter then I could not see a major issue. Birds imported from the States by an Irish exhibitor should not be allowed to be shown only if the exhibitor has moved and imported his American stock with him.  – There was many different discussions on this issue and they next step is that the EE will now discuss it at the Judges council meeting in Italy in September to get the Judges points of view. Also we have the issue that the American birds are bred to a different show standard.


l August Heftberger (Pigeon Section Chairman) requested that his is sent copies of any news letters or magazines from the EE Members so that he can see how the pigeon community in Europe is working.


l 2015 Europa Show – Will be held in France (Metz) in November. There will be 4 heated Tents to house a maximum of 44,000 animals. Entry closing dates will be 5 weeks earlier than normal to ensure all entries are counted and they reach the totals required. There is 4,000 bedrooms within 3km’s of the Show Arena. And 1 Car Parking space for the nominated handler from each country.  Entry €12.00 per animal and the Show Catalogue will be €12.00 – Collections for Master Breeder awards will be €15.00.  The French Federations Presentation Papers got lost on the way to Bosnia and they will forward details to the EE web site in due course.  They will also let us know by the 11th of July what the vet requirements for attending animals will be and also what type of vaccination’s will be required.


l Election of the Breeds Standards Commission Chairman. As Jean Louis was the only candidate he was re-elected for another 3 year term.


l Limerick Tumbler – Breed Standard in order to update the current drawing for the breed the Club must go via the INFPA and request in writing to Jean Louis that the Current image needs updating and send a new photo.


l The King Pigeon – There will be a new Photo for this breed as the current one is the All American King Clubs and the Standard must be in line to the ESCP standard and not the American version


l Fantail – There will be a new photo for this breed for the EE standard


l Colours- if a new colour is to be listed in a breed standard the country of origin must request the change via the standards commission and not a breed club outside the country of origin. For example Ireland could not agree to have a Blue Sprenkle listed in the Limerick Tumbler Standard this colour is not recognised within the breed and will always be judged as either Spread Almond or AOV.  However the ESCP must receive a request for change but will only be sited if the country of origin agree.




Prof Schellie “Statement on Animal Welfare and Pigeon Breeds under the spot light”


He stated that the Swiss the Germans the Danes and the Austrians are under huge scrutiny  from the European Department of Animal Welfare. Wordings in breed standards such as “Big as possible” etc,,,, are not helpful and he referred to the UK NPA letter stating that whilst that maybe enough to cover them in the UK and Ireland it will not help our fellow breeders in Europe,  New Laws being passed in the European Parliament will come our way eventually and we now have time to correct any extremes in our animals to ensure a smooth passing. We are lucky enough to have this time but from his correspondence with his contact in Brussels all counties will be evaluated in time and as we our members of the EE were in the net.


Breeds such as Owls / Frills / Wattles and Pouters have certain text issues and will be first to be assessed.


EE Web Site:  A New Web Master is required and the EE will be interviewing for this position. All agreed that for such a big union with member states that the web is very poor and lacks content needing a complete make over. Hans Schipper Completed the INFPA Web site saying he for obvious reasons does not understand the full content, however it looks very professional. Thomas Hellman was suggested by a number of delegates for this position. Cost will be between €10,000- €

15K to do this


EE is now on Facebook as a way to promote the council – Please Like and Share!!!!


A List of Irish Judges must be complied and emailed by the INFPA Committee to August and details of our National Show in the Killmurray.


EE Judges Patches – The Pigeon Section is the only section which cannot agree on how these should be issued and obtained.


To Qualify there is 2 Options to an Irish(or any) Judge – To Judge at an EE show and 3 Irish Shows. Or by Nomination by the INFPA Committee to the EE Committee. The Judge would of been approved and also judged in at least one other country and must specialize in at least 2 breeds. Back up paper work is required.


Voted Yes.


Patches to be available from the AGM in Metz next year.


A Request from the NPA (UK Committee) to the INFPA Committee - Can we email them a current list of all Recognised Irish Breed Club Judges and what breeds they judge as they are currently removing the F for Foreign judges on the UK lists and are working a new system where all judges will be listed by breed. – Please email the List when we have it ready to Graham Giddings.


You will Find Enclosed a Copy of All other minutes and I will list the main points as follows:


“Countries who do not attend at least 2 out of every 3 meetings are in danger of having the membership reviewed by the committee as participation is one of the main points a country agrees to on the application form”.


As you will see from the copy of the accounts enclosed money is tight if you spread the in take over the next 4-5 years. The Europa Show in Leipzig still a payment of €24,000 to be transferred into the EE account which we are advised is in hand.


To raise more funds to cover costs they are considering one of the following options


Raise Country and Section Membership Fees

Increase the €1.00 Supplement at the EE Shows and the Europa Show

Sponsorship Requests


They will not take new members at any price if they do not take active part at EE Events and Shows.


The Ukraine Pigeon Federation Requested Membership – This is under review considering the Current political status in the Ukraine at the moment. Deferred by vote / No Membership at the moment.


Serbia’s Membership has been suspended – No participation / The Sections have all broken up due to serious internal issues. Gion and Urs went to meet with them and tried to intervene for the sake of the members. They may consider to unify under a new committee and the EE are keeping an eye on this.


Romania – 3 separate federations wanted membership this was denied due to the rule of 2012 only one member section per country, so 2 of them have unified and joined as one member state.


France – New Section Joined – Caged Birds – All voted Yes


Bulgaria – Poultry Section Joined – All Voted Yes


The EE asked Member Countries that have only one or 2 animal sections to spread the word at home to the Caged Bird Breeders Union and Poultry that rather than being part of another countries section they could join in under a federation of their own. for Example the Irish Poultry Society – Could join and have Irish Rings rather than buying from the UK Federation

EE AGM in May 2014

Kevin Kelly Will Be Attending The EE AGM in May 2014 On Behalf Of the INFPA & Valued Members.

A Full Report Will Be Issued By Kevin Kelly To The Committee At The Next INFPA Committee and A Typed Draft Will Be Issued To All INFPA Members At The INFPA AGM In August 2014.

We Thank Kevin in Advance For His Personal Time and Commitment To The Euro Meeting.

Please Take Time To Visit The Web Link Below To View The EE AGM Agenda – It Is Very Important You Do And Contact Kevin Kelly If you Have Any Questions.

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached the invitation letter for the EE convention in Sarajevo (in all three languages). All documents are available on the Homepage of the EE

We are pleased to welcome you in Bosnia / Herzegovina.

Kind regards
Esther Huwiler
Chers collègues

Veuillez trouver ci-joint la lettre d’invitation pour la convention-EE à Sarajevo (dans les trois langues). Tous les documents sont disponibles sur la page d’accueil de l’EE

Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir en Bosnie / Herzégovine.

Esther Huwiler

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Welcome to the European Show at Leipzig 2012!

The 27th European Show for Poultry, Pigeons, Rabbits, Cavies and Birds will open its doors at the Neue Messe Fairgrounds at Leipzig between Dec. 7 – Dec. 9 2012.
Host club will be the Leipzig Poultry Society of 1869 supported by some 350 helpers from local clubs. We want Leipzig 2012 to be the biggest show in history and hope to see exhibitors from all 28 member states of the EE. Let us conjoin our forces to make something great happen! Visitors from 5 continents will be at Leipzig – Leipzig 2012 will be an unequalled event of the European fancy.
Easily accessible, the Neue Messe Fairgrounds at Leipzig are at the heart of Europe and provide a unique atmosphere for such a hallmark event. Only at Leipzig can you compete for the prestigious title of a European Group Champion or European Individual Champion – an all-time high in the career of any fancier. The competition apart, meeting new friends from all over Europe is of course the prime objective of the event.
The visitors will have the opportunity to take part in day trips and workshops organised by the Leipzig Fairgrounds. Further information will be made available starting in January 2012 at and
We invite all fanciers in Europe to be part of the European Show Leipzig 2012 as visitors and participants. We look forward to meeting all of you there!

Urs Freiburghaus
Dr. Lothar Heinrich
Show Manager