INFPA Show Rules

INFPA Show Rules

INFPA Show & Certificate Rules for all Affiliated Shows and Show Managers


  • A Single Breed Class Can Only Be formed if there is at least 3 Exhibitors
  • When a Single Class Cannot be Formed the Exhibitors Birds will then form An AOV Class combined with other breeds. It is Fully at the Desecration of the Show Manger to Form other Classes other than AOV if He/She feels it is in the interest of Competition to Form other named Classes.


For Example:

The Show Manager may be in a position where He/She has a good number of breeds and they currently are placed into AOV, But upon review there could be 4 or 5 Exhibitors Entering a Variety of Tumbler or Pouter Breeds etc… / A Variety Class Maybe Formed from such numbers allowing for Good Competition amongst Exhibitors.


  • The Judges Decision is Final, However if the Show Manager Feels an Error in Carding or Cert Placing may have occurred it is the Responsibility of Show Manger to resolve the issue with the Judge.
  • INFPA Certs Can Only be Awarded to Birds which have become Best Of Breed or Won the AOV Section or Sub Variety Groups
  • INFPA Certs Will Be Verified, Signed and Laminated and Posted To The Winning Exhibitors after the Show.
  • No Certs will be Issued to Exhibitors on the Show Day as it has become necessary that the Secretary of the INFPA verifies all details including ring numbers.
  • No Foreign Association or Federation can award Certificates at/during or after an INFPA Affiliated Show for Pigeons entered into said Show.
  • An Affiliated Club of the INFPA may issue Club Specials and Awards and Rosettes especially during a Club Show.
  • No INFPA Certificates are on offer for Flying/Competition Racing Pigeons. INFPA Certificates will be Awarded to The Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club as the Breed is Being Judged on Colour/Genetics and is bred and Exhibited for Fancy Purposes and Not Racing. The Show Can issue a Card of there own design to the Racing Pigeons
  • If a Breed Club Is Affiliated to the INFPA The Show Manager Must Contact the Sectaries of the Breed Clubs and ask for a Judge to be Nominated. If with Good Reason the Club is not in a Position to do this the Show Manager and His/Hers Management May Pick and Appoint the Judge.
  • Colour Classes for Breeds is at the Desecration of the Breed Clubs, and All Shows must accommodate any reasonable requests from the Breed Clubs. If a Show Manger feels certain requests are not reasonable He/She Must inform the Secretary of the INFPA with good Notice.
  • The INFPA Will Offer All Affiliated Shows as much Help and Assistance as is required and each show will receive promotion via Web Sites and the Full Use of the Tailor for Transportation of the Show Pens.
  • During The Show at Least One Member of the Serving INFPA Committee Must Be Present in the Show Hall While Judging is on. All Birds Going to the Winners Row Will be Noted and all Details Taken. The Judge will be Asked by the INFPA Committee Member if He/She is awarding a INFPA Certificate. The Judge has the right to with hold an INFPA Certificate if He/She feels no Specimens in the Class Reach Breed Standard.
  • Rings – All Birds Entered into an INFPA Affiliated Show Must be Wearing a Closed Ring
  • Any Bird with an EU Ring will be disqualified from the Show, This is a Request we have been asked to enforce directly from the EE Committee. EU Rings are not valid.
  • In Order for a Bird to Be Awarded an INFPA Certificate is must be rung with a Recognised Pigeon Association Ring or a Recognised Flying Federation Ring.


No Certificates can be issued to a Private Group/Club Rings.


  • All Marker Rings Must be Removed Before Judging Commences. This is the Responsibility of the Exhibitor but will need to be double checked by the Show Management
  • No Exhibitor may Show or Discuss His/Her Birds with any Judge before and During the Judging. If this is Noticed it is the Responsibility of the Show Manager to Disqualify that Exhibitor and His/Her complete team of Birds
  • Before Judging Commences The Show Management Must do a Final Visual Check on all Birds to look for Signs of Sick or Distressed Pigeons. Any Pigeon Showing Signs of ill Health Must be Removed and Looked After in a contained area until it’s owner is located.
  • Birds Entered into Show Pens the Night Before Judging Must Be Given Fresh Water
  • Before Any Judging Commences It is The Responsibility of the Show Manager to Speak Directly to all the Judges as a Group and to Ensure they all Fully Understand what is expected from them and that the Must Judge Each Breed against the Correct Approved Breed Standard. In The Case of Breeds which do not have a written standard then the Judge Must Use His/Her own Likes and Dislikes during Judging.
  • Show Schedules and Entry Forms Should be Printed and Posted to all Exhibitors by the Show Committee.