Limerick Tumbler EE Breed Standard

Limerick Tumbler EE Breed Standard

The Limerick Tumbler Club

Origin: Eire. (SDE) The Limerick District of Southern Ireland.

Overall impression: Less than medium in size, short, cobby, rounded head and full muffs. Low in stance and well balanced. Slightly sloping carriage. (near 30deg).

Characteristics of Breed:

Head: Proportionate to the size of the body. In profile it is rising off and over the wattle with a roundness which continues as perfectly as possible to the back of the head with the top skull directly over the eyes. From the front it is broad and full.

Eyes: Pearl or white are preferred. Almonds can carry a darker eye. Eye cere to be smooth and thin, colour appropriate to the plumage.

Beak: Less than medium in length, in proportion to the head. Not too thick or blunt (boxed).

Neck: Broad at the base, thick neck tapering slightly to the throat. (bell shaped).

Breast: Broad and well rounded.

Back: Rather short, broad across the shoulders, narrowing towards the rear, Slightly sloping.

Wings: Medium in length, carried on the tail.

Tail: Short and well closed. Following the line of the back but carried clear off the ground.

Legs: Medium length, with medium to heavy, full, well proportioned semi-circular sideways muffs. They should not be too long, nor have any gaps. The stance should look low on the legs.

Feathers: Smooth, close fitting but not too long.

Colour and markings: All colours to be clear and as intense as possible. Bars and Checkering to be well defined.

Colours: Black, Dun, Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Brown,Khaki, Bronze, Sulfur,Tortoiseshell, Almond, Deroy , Qualmond, Andalusian. All colour groups to include Bar and Checker.

Faults: Too long in Body, Legs and Beak. Narrow chest. Wrong shaped head. Insufficient or badly shaped muffs. Too upright or horizontal in stance.

Order of Importance: Overall impression; body form and stance; head -including beak & eyes; neck, muffs, colour and  pattern.

Ring size: 10mm (UK size ‘D’) It is preferable to ring this breed above the leg joint.