Show Reports

Show Reports

Irish Flying and Fancy Pigeon Society Show 2016

The Irish Flying and Fancy Pigeon Society held its Annual Show on Saturday October 29th 2016 in
Claughan GAA Club , Childers road, Limerick. Our show this year was a huge success for a variety of
reasons. Our new venue, Claughan GAA club was just perfect with very good lighting, very high
ceilings and the access in and out of the show hall was very easy. Also exhibitors could park just
outside the door of the hall making it very easy for everyone.

Our birdage this year was very solid and we were well up on the previous year. Also this year we
were very lucky to have the quality of judges that we had. Getting good judges is never an easy task.
I would like to sincerely thank our judges from England, John Surridge, Bruce Pullen, Evan Murray
and Hayden Bogle. And also not forgetting our own Richard Bunn. I would also like to thank Albert
Hogan and Wes Murphy who judged the junior coloured Racers. Also a big thank you to our Breed
Clubs, The Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club who had a huge entry of birds again this year breaking
records. We had a very strong entry of limerick Tumblers, Irish Flying Tumblers and Valencian

A very important part of our show is our Charity and I would like to sincerely thank the exhibitors
who worked so hard with their sponsorship cards. Your generosity is so much appreciated. I gave
Milford Hospice 1029.00 euro on the 23rd December. An official receipt will be sent out with 2017
entry forms. I would like to thank all the exhibitors who support the show by showing their birds
and looking forward with excitement to 2017.

You cannot run a good show without a good team behind you, so I have some very important people
to thank. I would like to thank Michael Kiely, my son Owen and my three other lads from work who
did a great job setting up the pens on Friday. A huge thank you to Brendan and Mary Tobin and
whole extended family who did fantastic work with raffle prizes and also dismantling the show. I
would also like to thank our four judges from England who also did fantastic work taking down show
pens and also anyone else who helped at that stage. I would also like to thank my wife Elaine for
doing the show schedule and entries. One other person I would like to thank is Stephanie Hogan
who did a fantastic job with all the result cards. Lets hope 2017 will be another successful and
enjoyable show.

A big congratulations to all the winners on the day. Our results are as follows…..

1. Best Valencian Figuerita – Stephen Kelly
2. Best Birmingham Roller – Michael Daly
3. Best Old German Owl – Rachael Lewis
4. Best Cappuchine – Seamus Barrett
5. Best East Prussian – Darrin Ring
6. Best Irish Col. Racer – Wes Murphy
7. Best Flying Tumbler – John & Sara Flaherty
8. Best Junior Irish Col. Racer – Sara Flaherty
9. Best AOV Show Racer – Mark Fitzachery
10. Best Indian Fantail – Darrin Ring
11. Best Limerick Tumbler – John Fitzgerald
12. Best Judges Special AOV Flying Tippler – Brendan Tobin
13. Best Reserve Irish Col. Racer – Kevin Carey

Top four winners:

Best Bird in Show – Limerick Tumbler – John Fitzgerald
Reserve Best Bird in Show – Valencian Figuerita – Stephen Kelly
Best opp sex – Old German Owl – Rachael Lewis
Best Flyer – Coloured Racer – Wes Murphy

INFPA Young Bird Show 2016

INFPA Young Bird Show 2016.


This year we had the pleasure of hosting our National Young Bird Show in Co Cork.

The Commons Inn Hotel was a fantastic venue, so much so that plans are in place for a return in 2017.

As always the committee set the hall up and some helpful members gave us a hand.

The Raffle was a great success this year and Thank you To May Tobin and Family for your help.


The AGM Meeting was also well attended and Kevin Kelly Issued the EE AGM meeting minutes from Austria 2016 to all members.


Our Chairman will issue the minutes of the AGM.


Thank you for your Valued Support and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Results: (Please see Gallery for photos)


Irish Flying Tumbler – Mark Tobin ( A Junior Member Which is what we all love to see )


Junior Coloured Racing Pigeon Class Winner – Sara Flaherty


A O V Class – Indian Fantail – Darrin Ring


Figurita – L&P Choi


Coloured Racing Pigeon – Alan Cunningham


Arch Angle – Colour Pigeon – Paddy Phelan


Limerick Tumbler & Silver Platter Award – John Fitzgerald


Old German Owl – Kevin Kelly


Birmingham Roller – Michael Daly


Old Dutch Capuchine – Mrs & Mrs Brendan Tobin


East Prussian Tumbler -  Darrin Ring


Reserved Best in Show – Mark Tobin – Irish Flying Tumbler Grizzle


Best in Show – Kevin Kelly – Old German Owl – Blue Bar


Kildare Show Report 2016

On Saturday 9th January the Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club held its first ever show. The show was held at St Brigid’s Boxing Club in Kildare Town and was open to all breeds. We had a total of 556 birds entered into the show which was a fantastic amount entries for our first show. The quality of entry was fantastic which made it very hard for the judges to pick their winners.


The coloured racing pigeons were again the largest class on the day. The club at the moment is going from strength to strength and this is backed up by the numbers we are seeing in the shows and on our Facebook Page.

There are a lot of people I would like to thank for their help and support towards the show, Stephanie Hogan who I would not have managed without on the day of the show. Paddy Phealan who allowed us to use the hall for the show. Paddy became a member of the I.R.C.P.C in 2015 with his daughter Katelynn joining the junior club also. Paddy played a massive part in making sure this show was successful.

I would also like to thank Andy Monohan, Paddy Tidd, Brendan Tobin for the help in getting the hall set up on the Friday, and all the judges on the day Albert Hogan, Richie Bunn, Dominic Byrne, Kevin Kelly, John Fitzgerald and Darrin Ring who all done a fantastic job on what was an extremely difficult job.

A big thanks needs to go to our show sponsor Maxi Zoo who done a great job on the day. Maxi Zoo recently opened a new store in Newbridge and to our delight agreed to become the show sponsor. The feedback we received during and after the show towards Maxi Zoo was amazing. Joanne (Store Manager) and Ian set up a display on the day of the show where they gave out free samples to all exhibitors on the day and also gave gifts to all the children in the hall.

Maxi Zoo put on a marvellous spread of prizes, every child the participated on the day was presented with a hamper from Joanne which went down really well. We believe that the children should be rewarded for their participation as they are the future of our hobby.

Next Joanne presented each Breed Class Winner with a 25kg bag of Natural feeding mix and Joanne also presented prizes to each colour class winner of the Irish Coloured Pigeon Racing Club and the Limerick Tumbler club. We are looking forward to working with Joanne and Maxi Zoo in the future and hopefully this is a partnership that can prosper for years to come.


I would also like to thank Midland Pigeon Supplies for kindly donating some of our prizes for the raffle on the day. This is a new pigeon product supplier set up in Portlaoise and it was great to see them support the club and show.

Now to the business end of the show………

In total we had ten breed classes on the day from Coloured Racing Pigeons to Valencian Figurita’s to Irish flying tumblers and so on…. The standard in each breed class was very high which meant the judges had their work cut out for them in picking their winners.

Best in Show went to Seamus Barrett with a beautiful Old Dutch Capuchin and Best Reserve in Show was won by David Hoey with his Oriental Frill. Well done to the two lads these two birds stood out above everything else on the day and were deserving winners.


Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club Results


Best Junior                          Katelynn Phealan             Classic Grizzle Hen

Best Almond                      Wes Murphy                      Classic Almond Cock

Best Reduced                    Paddy Phealan                  Reduced Spread Cock

Best Opal                             Albert Hogan                     Dominant Opal T Check Cock

Best Self                              Wes Murphy                      Khaki Spread Hen

Best Bar/Check                 L&P Choi                              Blue Check Cock

Best AOC                             Andy Monohan                Andalusian Pied Cock


Breed Class Winners:


Irish Flying Tumbler                         Paddy Tidd

Limerick Tumbler                             John Fitzgerald

Birmingham Roller                           Michael Daly

Valencian Figurita                            L&P Choi

Old Dutch Capichine                       Seamus Barrett

Archangel                                            Seamus Barrett

Show Homer                                      Mark Fitzarchery

AOV (Oriental Frill)                          David Hoey

Old German Owl                              Kevin Kelly


And Best in Breed was awarded to Albert Hogan with his beautiful looking Dominant Opal T Check Cock. This pigeon caught the judges eyes the minute they walked into the show hall and they could not fault the pigeon what so ever. Well done Albert on a great win, it’s great to see you back on top.


I would like to finish by thanking all of the exhibitors on the day for making the show so enjoyable and also to the INFPA for their continued support. I look forward to seeing you all back in 2017.


Show Manager

Wes Murphy.




IF&FPA Show Report 2015

The Irish Flying and Fancy Pigeon Association

Secertary John Fitzgerald
00 353 86 8589239

Show Report 2015.

The Irish flying and fancy pigeon society held its annual show in the Kilmurry Lodge hotel on Saturday 24th October 2015. The entries this year were up on last year with 530 birds in the pens. We had a total of ten classes on the day and two judges specials which made up a victory row of twelves birds. I have to mention some of the classes which were very competitive. The coloured racing pigeon class was by far the biggest class on the day with 160 birds entered between seniors and juniors. Next came the Limerick tumbler class of nearly 100 birds, followed closely by the Irish Flying Tumblers and the Valencian Figuerita. Also our Any Other Variety class had over 100 birds with about fifteen exhibitors competing against each other in a class with an extremely high stand.  I would like to thank all the exhibitors who showed their birds and supported the show. Our breed clubs are a very important part of our show being such a success, so I would like to thank the Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club, The Limerick Tumbler Club, The Irish Flying Tumbler Club, the Valencian Figuerita Club and the Irish Junior Pigeon Fanciers Club who have supported the show over the years. Most Importantly I would like to thank The Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association for their continued support on the day of the show, and throughout the year, as an affiliated show.

Our judges on the day were top class with John Surridge, Bruce Pullen and Jim Mullan who came from England and our own two Irish Judges, Dominic Byrne and Richard Bunn. They did a fantastic job on the day sorting out all the winners. All the birds were penned by 11 O’ clock and our judging started immediately, we set up a viewing gallery which seemed to give all the exhibitors a chance to meet up and chat while the judging was going on. Our volunteers set up the show on the Friday and I would like to thank Albert Hogan, Michael Kiely, Michael Byrne and my son Owen for doing this tedious task, along with Lawrence Choi who helped with numbering our pens. Darrin Ring and Kevin Kelly, my right hand men, who I couldn’t have managed with out on the day also played a huge role in bring the show to the level it is at. Also, Stephanie Hogan who filled out all the results cards and paper work on the day, who we would be lost without. Also a big thank you to Wes Murphy who did a fabulous job with all the photographs of the winning birds on the day. Finally, I would like to thank my wife Elaine, who sorted out all the entries and the paperwork prior to the show. I hope everyone enjoyed the show and the birds, as there was a great atmosphere on the day. I would like to congratulate all the winners on the day. Our results are as follows.


Best Irish Flying Tumbler – Seamus Barrett

Best Old German Owl – Darrin Ring

Best Valencian Figuerita – Kevin Kelly

Best Birmingham Roller – Mark Fitzarchery

Best Limerick Tumbler – Kevin Kelly

Best Old Dutch Cappuchine – Seamus Barrett

Best East Prussian Tumbler – Darrin Ring

Best Junior – Jamie Walsh (Graridino Thief Pouter)

Best Any Other Variety – And Stubbs (American Show Racer)

Any Other Variety – Judges Special – Brendan Tobin (Double Crested German Trumpeter)

Best Coloured Racing Pigeon – Wes Murphy

Coloured Racing Pigeon – Judges Special – Wes Murphy


Best In Show – Andy Stubbs (American Show Racer)

Reserve Best in Show – Brendan Tobin (Double Crested German Trumpeter)

Best Flyer – Seamus Barrett (Irish Flying Tumbler)

Best Opp. Sex – Seamus Barrett (Old Dutch Cappuchine)

Irish National Young Bird Show – 2015

National Young Bird Show 2015


Dear members and friends of the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association, I would sincerely like to thank you for your continued support at our young bird show which we held in September 2015.


It was a fantastic day and although I did not get a chance to speak with everyone on the day you all seemed to have really enjoyed our show.


Numbers were up on 2014 and with new members and exhibitors the committee are really encouraged by your commitment to our hobby.


Junior members are the life blood of this hobby and we hoped they enjoyed the new experience of taking part along with meeting new friends and gaining valuable knowledge.


I would like to Thank our Chairman and Secretary John Fitzgerald and Darrin Ring for ensuring our AGM passed in a very professional way and also a special thank you to the outgoing secretary of the Valencian Figurita Club Of Ireland Wes Murphy for donating a lovely sliver cup for the best of breed and to welcome the new secretary of this club Alan Cunningham.


I would be lost without the help of my fellow committee member Owen Fitzgerald for his contribution during the administration side to our show and all members involved in setting up the show pens.


The Judges did an excellent job and thank you for your valued time.


Kind Regards,


Kevin Kelly,






Class  Birmingham RollersBest of Breed and INFPA Cert – Mark Fitzarchary – Judge Owen Fitzgerald



1st Mark Fitzarchary 2nd Mark Fitzarchary 3rd Michael McMahon



1st Michael Daly 2nd Mark Fitzarchary 3rd Michael Daly


Class Limerick Tumblers – Best of Breed and INFPA Cert –  Club Sliver Plated – John Fitzgerald – Judge Darrin Ring



1st John Fitzgerald 2nd Kevin Kelly 3rd Kevin Kelly



1st John Fitzgerald 2nd Kevin Kelly 3rd Dom Byrne



Class Double Crested German Trumpeters – Best of Breed Lorenc Myrto   - Judge Kevin Kelly


Cocks & Hens


1st Lorence Myrto 2nd Lorenc Myrto 3rd Mr & Mrs B Tobin



Class Oriental Rollers – Best of Breed and INFPA Cert Lorenc Myrto  – Judge Kevin Kelly



1st Alan Cunningham 2nd Alan Cunningham 3rd Lorenc Myrto



1st Lorenc Myrto , 2nd Lorenc Myrto 3rd Alan Cunningham



Coloured Racing Pigeons – Best of Breed and INFPA Cert Wes Murphy – Judge Jude Murphy


6 Colour Classes:


Almond Class Winner – Wes Murphy

A.O.C Class Winner– Albert Hogan

Opal Class Winner – Wes Murphy

Reduced Class Winner Wes Murphy

Self Class Winner Wes Murphy

Bar / Check Winner Wes Murphy



A O V Class – Winner and INFPA Cert Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin – Helmet - Judge Kevin Kelly



1st Darrin Ring Indian Fantail 2nd Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin  Helmet 3rd Mark Fitzarchary Show Racer



1st Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin  Helmet 2nd Darrin Ring Indian Fantail 3rd Ivan Hyde West of England Tumbler



Irish Flying Tumblers Best of Bred and INFPA Cert Seamus BarrettJudge John Fitzgerald



1st J&S Flaherty 2nd J&S Flaherty 3rd J&S Flaherty



1st Seamus Barrett 2nd Dom Byrne 3rd J&S Flaherty



Old Dutch Capuchines Best of Breed Seamus Barrett - Judge Kevin Kelly




1st Alan Cunningham 2nd Seamus Barrett 3rd Brendan Tobin



1st Seamus Barrett 2nd Brendan Tobin 3rd Jude Murphy & Sons


Junior Coloured Racing Pigeons – Winner Caoimhe Murphy- Judge Jude Murphy


Cocks & Hens Mixed Class


1st Caoimhe Murphy

2nd Sarah Murphy

3rd Sarah Flaherty



East Prussian Tumblers – Best of Breed – Darrin Ring - Judge Kevin Kelly




1st Darrin Ring 2nd Owen Fitzgerald 3RD Darrin Ring




1st Darrin Ring 2nd Darrin Ring 3rd Darrin Ring



Old German Owls Best of Breed and INFPA Cert Kevin Kelly – Judge Wes Murphy




1st Darrin Ring 2nd Kevin Kelly 3rd Rachel Lewis




1st Kevin Kelly 2nd Rachel Lewis 3rd Kevin Kelly



Valencian Figurita  Best of Breed and INFPA Cert Kevin Kelly – Judge Wes Murphy




1st Kevin Kelly 2nd Kevin Kelly 3rd L & P Choi




1st Kevin Kelly 2nd Kevin Kelly 3rd Kevin Kelly



Best in Show - - Judge’s Jude Murphy & Sons


Wes Murphy (Coloured Racing Pigeon)


Reserved Best in Show


Seamus Barrett (Old Dutch Capucine)

INFPA 2013 National Young Bird Show – August 2013

Firstly I would like to Thanks all our members who came out and supported the Show this year and thank you for all the kind comments regarding the success and enjoyment of our new venue.

A Special Thanks to Our Judges – Thomas               (Germany)  Jo Taylor  (UK)   Anthony Robinson (Ire) Joe Deery (Ire) and K Kelly (Ire)

We are now really looking forward to hosting our New Over All National Show in January 2014 in This fantastic New Venue in Co Kildare.


Over All Results
Best Junior – Miss Amber Tobin – With a Dutch High-flyer
Best New Comer – Laurence       – With a German DC Trumpeter
Best Indian Fantail                      – Darrin Ring (INFPA Cert)
Best Tumbler  (AOV)                   – Owen Fitzgerald – Cologne Tumbler (INFPA Cert)
Best Coloured Racing Pigeon    – Albert Hogan – (INFPA Cert)
Best Old German Owl                – Kevin Kelly  (INFPA Cert)
Best Racing Pigeon                     – Wes Murphy
Best AOV                                     – Seamus Barrett Old Dutch Capuchine (INFPA Cert)
Best Limerick Tumbler               – Kevin Kelly (INFPA Cert)
Best Irish Flying Tumbler          – Mr & Mrs B Tobin (INFPA Cert)

Best in Show – The Limerick Tumbler – Young Cock Bred and Exhibited By Kevin Kelly
Reserved Best in Show – Old German Owl – Young Hen Bred and Exhibited By Kevin Kelly

The Irish Flying and Fancy Pigeon Society

The Irish Flying and Fancy Pigeon Society annual show took place on Saturday October 27th in the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick.   Our entries this year were the same as last year with over 500 birds on display. The entries are down on the numbers we used to get around 4 or 5 years ago but now the quality of the birds are way up because of the imports we have been bringing into the country over the last few years.

Our judges for the weekend were John Surridge and Bruce Pullen from England, John O’Brien and  Richard Bunn from Ireland,  Hans Schipper and Rob Joosten from Holland.  A big thank you to the lads who did a real professional job on the day.  We had 16 birds going up to the top table and the judges picked out top four winners on a points system like last year which is very fair to all our exhibitors.

The social side to the show is very important to us and we all had two great nights of craic in the hotel.   The hotel staff were great to us as usual and the food was also top class.  I would like to thank express a big thank you to my show management….Darrin Ring, Owen Fitzgerald, Kevin Kelly and Seamus Barrett.  Thanks to my wife Elaine, who sorted out all entries for the show.  Also a big thank you to Mary Tobin who did a great job on the raffle and also to Albert Hogan and Michael Kiely who set up the pens on the Friday.   I could’nt have managed without all the help.

Our trophies this year were a little different, we decided to take photographs of all the winning birds and frame them.  They turned out very well and we were very pleased with them.  A huge to thank you to my son Owen who took all the photographs and did a great job.  I would also like to thank all our exhibitors who supported the show.  Another positive note was our 10 newcomers to the show scene.
Our four top prizes this year went to……..   Best Flyer – Kevin Mulcair, Show Racer,   Best opposite sex – Seamus Barrett, Cappuchine, Reserve Best in Show – Darren Ring, Indian Fantail,   Best in Show – John Fitzgerald, Limerick Tumbler.

Finally I would like to thank the Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association for their support to the Show and most importantly supplying our Irish Championship Certs to the eligible winners.  Congratulations to all the winners and looking forward to meeting up with everyone again next year.

Irish INFPA National Young Bird Show 2012

The Irish INFPA National Young Bird Show took place on Saturday the 11th August 2012. This young bird show is an open all breeds show for all affiliated clubs and by invitation with INFPA cert’s on offer. The show is the result on months of hard work and is managed by the committee of the INFPA.  This year we introduced a breeders sales section which proven very popular and gave new members and visitors the opportunity to purchase birds direct from the breeder and also obtain valuable advice on the breed.

The AGM of the INFPA is also held each year at the show maximising the attendance of the AGM by members and giving the opportunity to new members to join on the day while enjoying a competitive show.

This year the show had an increase of both new members and exhibitors with new junior members which is always very positive for our hobby.

Europa Show Leipzig December 2012. During the AGM it was great to hear how many of our members are intending to travel to Germany this year and indeed show there breeds. All Irish show entries to be given to Kevin Kelly by the 1st of September 2012 please.

Irish History is Made

During the show season 2011 the INFPA committee were delighted to be informed that 2 Irish Fanciers had achieved Champion status since the interception of the INFPA Certificates. Under the rule: 3 INFPA Certificates to be awarded to the same Pigeon under at least 2 different Judges.

Kilmurry Show 2011 – Show Report

The Irish flying  & fancy pigeon society held its 10th anniversary show on Saturday 29th October. The Venue was the Kilmurry lodge hotel which at this stage, after ten years is like our second home. The hospitality that the management and staff show us is top class like every year.  The show itself was a huge success, but this is something that I have never taken for granted as an amount of work goes into running any pigeon show.  I have a lot of people to thank for their help and support over the weekend that made the show such a success.  The show itself would be impossible to run without having our dedicated show committee in place.  Firstly I would like to thank my show team, Darrin Ring, Kevin Kelly and Owen Fitzgerald. Also my wife, Elaine, for sorting out all the entries.  Secondly I would like to thank Albert  Hogan and Michael Kiely and my own staff from work who helped set up the pens on Friday morning.  Also Seamus Barrett for doing the door on Saturday.

As regards the show, our numbers were down slightly on last year, but our number of exhibitors was slightly up.  One of the main positives this year is that we had ten new exhibitors, and we gave out a “Best Newcomer” prize for the 2nd year in a row.  There was a real international feel this year to the show with experienced judges travelling from Germany, America, Wales and England.  I would personally like to thank Ferdinand Tremmel – Germany, Jim Mullan – England, Francis Bradbourn – Wales, Darrell Jicha – America, Bruce Pullen – England, Thomas Hellmann – Germany, Jamie Vaughan – Wales, Jo Taylor – England and Dominic Byrne -  Ireland.  Well done to everyone, you all did a very professional job on the day.  You cannot run a show without exhibitors, so I would like to thank everyone who showed their birds over the weekend.  This show, as you know was our 10th Anniversary, so a special thank you to all the lads who are with us since the beginning, and also the new lads this year, of which there was plenty.  I would also like to give a special mention to our three exhibitors  from England, who travelled a very long distance to show their birds,  Albert Blair, Jo Taylor and Nick Doling.

When the show was over Saturday evening, I would like to thank everybody who helped to dismantle the show and put all our pens in the trailer, it was a real team effort.  Later on we had our prize-giving which went very well, congratulations to everyone who did well at the show from our four junior exhibitors to our nine class winners and our twelve top table winners. And finally our four main prizes which was decided on a point system between eight  judges, which is very fair to all concerned.  Our four main winners consisted of ‘Best Opposite sex’ which was an outstanding Old German Owl, exhibited by Darrin Ring. Next was ‘Best Flyer’ and also ‘Reserve Best Bird in show’, which was an outstanding young hen, Irish Flying Tumbler, exhibited by Anthony Robinson.  Finally our ’Best Bird in show’  for the 2nd year in a row was a Limerick  Tumbler, which was an outstanding young hen shown by Jo Taylor.  This bird was in immaculate condition and I have to compliment Jo on the show preparation of this bird, especially after travelling such a long distance to the show. Finally a big thank you to everyone who supported the show in any way with sponsorship cards, donations to our auction and supporting our raffle, during our prize giving  we also made two presentations to two very good supporters of ours over the years, first one went to Jim Mullan for his support to the show since it started 10 years ago and secondly one to Darrell Jicha our first American Judge to our show . Finally our charity Milford Hospice will do very well again this year because of everyone’s generosity. All results can be seen below and congratulations to all.

Show Sponsors: Rosettes: Darrin ring,  Result Cards: Kevin Kelly

Limerick Tumblers History in the Making at Leipzig Show 2011


2011 was another fantastic year for the Limerick Tumbler Club. After a very successful year obtaining new members into the breed and numerous shows the cherry on the cake was seeing Irish and German bred Limericks on show in Leipzig Germany. The breed was judged and exhibited to a very high standard and a huge thank you must go to the members of the EE for getting the breed this far.

The show was held in the Neue Messe Leipzig on the 2nd – 4th of December. The Irish birds had a very long journey and headed off a week before there owners in order to arrive in time for the judging and this would not of been possible without the help of Richard Greenwood,Mark Rudd and Jim Mullan who looked after our birds along the journey and during penning. We cannot thank you all enough for your efforts. I won’t bore you with our travel details but I am sure you can gather a drive from Dublin to Leipzig is not exactly an enjoyable Sunday afternoon outing!!!!! But it was worth every minute of the time and money we spent to be part of a show of this capacity and we are already making plans for next year.


It was also the first time the Limerick Tumbler was judged by the point’s system and this was a really a great way for us to get positive feed back on each and every bird.

Please enjoy our photos.

Kevin Kelly

Limerick Tumbler Club.

INFPA held its first Official National Young Bird Show.

Kevin Kelly

(Public Relations Officer)

On the 30th of July the INFPA held its first Official National Young Bird Show.

As this was a bank holiday weekend numbers were a little disappointing with some members pulling out at the last minute but we still raised €670.00 euro and a great weekend was had by all. It was also nice to catch up with our members at the AGM.

Firstly I would like to thank a couple of people for helping run a successful show. Darrin Ring who kindly donated his time and also paid for the rosettes. John Fitzgerald also sponsored the magnificent Best In Show perpetual Irish Crystal Cup and the Perpetual Sliver Salver for Best Limerick Tumbler in Show which I had the pleasure of winning and will be very reluctant to hand it over next year John!.

Also I would like to thank Owen Fitzgerald from out junior club who took all the photos on the day and Mr & Mrs Brendan Tobin as they looked after the show pens and setting up the Prize Table.

Our Judges on the day were Bruce Pullen form England who really did a fabulous job especially with the huge AOV class. I also had the pleasure of Bruce’s company for breakfast on Sunday morning and he was very complimentary about the quality of Irish young birds exhibited. Richard Bunn and Dom Byrne took care of the Irish Flying Tumbler classes and these two very experienced fanciers gave me a huge insight to judging this breed and judging in general while I was stewarding for them. And lastly a thank you to all our sponsors who donated some really nice prizes for the best of breeds and Tara Slevin Group who put up €100.00 cash for Best in Show.

As I previously mentioned the AOV class was very large I would like to thank all the exhibitors as I know that it’s extremely difficult as there was some exceptional birds which went home without any awards, however Best in show and judges special both emerged from this class. Some of the breeds that were in great show condition given the time of year were the (Show Racers, Lahore’s, American Flying flights, Felegyhazers, ELFCL’S and the Capuchines).


The Indian Fantails were also looking great especially when the sunshine came out and Darrin Rings whole team took all the honours and from speaking with Darrin from time to time the amount of effort he puts into his show team really does pay off and I have included some Photos for your enjoyment of his Indian Fantails.

Thank you to all our members and we are already looking forward to next year.

Kevin Kelly.


(a) The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon Club holds the Annual Show on Sat 29th Oct 2011 in the Killmurry Lodge Hotel Limerick City

Please Contact John Fitzgerald (Show Manager) with any Queries. There will also be an Auction of Fancy Pigeons.

086 858 9239

Show Held under INFPA Rules.


(b) The Carlow Fancy Pigeon Show will take Place on Sat 12th Nov 2011 in the Dolmen Hotel Carlow

Please Contact John O’Brien (Show Manager) with any Queries 087 414 4787

All funds raised in aid of Down Syndrome Children.

Trade Stands will be in the show hall.

All Welcome.


  1. (c)The Limerick Tumbler Club will hold its club show on the 29th Oct 2011 in the Killmurry Lodge Hotel Limerick

The Limerick Tumbler Club Show

The Limerick Tumbler Club Show at the The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon Society Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick 29th October 2011

The Limerick Tumbler Club held it’s annual club show within the The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon Society annual championship show at the  Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick, Ireland, on the 29th October 2011.  Eighty quality Limericks were entered, from Ireland and England.  The cream of the crop were on display, there was not one bad typed pigeon amongst them.  Any serious Limerick Tumbler breeder should take the time and travel to this show, to either view or compete against the birds here.

This year, we decided to split the birds into colour classes to enable more birds to compete for the top honours.  Previous years we have had up to 25 birds in one class, so splitting into colours seemed a fairer option.   The birds were split into Any Colour Chequer or Bar, Any Colour self, and Any Other Colour.  Jamie Vaughan, who had travelled from Wales, had the difficult task of sorting through the birds, with Karen (Mum) his able steward, he did a grand job and in very good time too.  Well done and thanks Jamie and Karen.

Kilmurray 2010 Show Report

The Irish Flying & Fancy Pigeon society held its annual show on Saturday October 23rd in the Kilmurry Lodge hotel in Limerick City, Ireland. This is our 9th year running our show and seems to be getting better and stronger as the years go on.

Before I go through the results, there are a lot of people I want to thank. 1st of all I need to thank my wife Elaine who spends hours sorting out the entries for the show and my son Owen who always is great help over the weekend. I also would like to thank my two right hand men over the weekend, Darrin Ring and Kevin Kelly, I couldn’t have got through the weekend without them. I would like to thank Keith Sheedy, Albert Hogan and Micheal Kiely who set up the pens on the Friday morning with my brother Maurice and his friend Mike. We had other club members who helped out over the weekend, we had Seamus Barrett and his wife Orla who spent most of Saturday on the door collecting admission, we had Richard Bunn who donated our spot prize for our raffle, we had Brendan Tobin who donated hardboard cut to measure for under our pens free of charge, we had Dominic Byrne and Martin Dunne who kept an eye on everything over the weekend, to make sure everything ran smoothly. Also a big thank you to the few lads who stayed on Sunday morning to load the pens, Darrin Ring, John O’Brien and Brendan Tobin. Also a big thanks you to all our exhibitors who showed their birds in immaculate condition, supported the show in whatever way they could, lads raised money with our sponsorship cards, bought and donated birds at our auction and bought tickets for our raffle. As regards our charity “Milford Hospice” which is very important to us we raised that magic figure again this year of €1000. One of the main positives from the show this year was our eight new exhibitors, who were showing  for the very first time, so we had a new “Best Newcomer” prize, the Gene Brennan Memorial Cup, which was presented by his wife Eileen and family who travelled a long distance to present the prize on the night.

A big thank you to our Judges for the weekend, we had three Irish Judges, Richard Bunn, Martin Dunne and Pat O’Donnell, we had three judges from Germany, Thomas Hellmann, Philip Fritz and Prof. Hans Schille and our good friends from England, Jo Taylor and Bruce Pullen, last of all we had a pleasant surprise on the Saturday Morning when Jamie Vaughan and his mother Karen flew in to our show for the day, Jamie also helped out with some judging, a great job was done by all. Like last year we had our prize giving on the Saturday night which went very well and when that was over, we had live music organised of which we had the night before as well, which went down a treat, a great time was had by all. The hotel staff as usual were great hosts and looked after us in every way they could all through the weekend, the food in the hotel was tremendous, they supplied teas and coffees for the judges on Saturday and kept the bar open late both nights. Last but not least, a sincere thank you from everyone in the club to the INFPA, which we are very proud to be affiliated to. The Association presented at our show for the first time their new INFPA Championship Certificates and new INFPA Championship Pendants. These Certificates and pendants were also presented to the show free of charge and were looking very impressive and professional. Exciting times ahead, knowing that all INFPA members can now try to breed that real Champion. Just to finish, we are all looking forward to next year already, which will be our 10th anniversary.